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Promotion & Marketing portraits 

What to wear for

headshot session

It is important to have a well-photographed head shot, as every profession has its own unique styles and mores. The right head shot strengthens your professional image and the trust that customers will place in you before a single word is spoken. On the other hand, a photo that lacks attention and does not attract the eye may cause a customer to pass over your offering.



How to know it's time to take a new headshot


My recommendation is to redo headshots every 3-5 years. If you have dramatically changed your hair or trimmed the color, I would highly encourage you to have headshots that match your current appearance.


Why have a proper headshot

We all have the picture from the last trip we loved, but the problem that the setting and how we dressed for it does not always fit the more serious and competent appearance  we want to convey.